Personal Branding (part 1)


Branding is the first thing an: employer, client or potential client will most likely see of me – as well as my work. Thus I need to be well designed and thought through and must reflect certain elements that I am interested in or am well versed in. It should tell the viewer who I am before they began viewing me and my work.

My previous branding was rather lacklustre and I did not believe reflect who I was as a designer or who I wanted to be – or what I could bring to an employer.  So when re-designing my branding (Logo, Colour Scheme and Font Family) I thought about myself and what I like, and what I believe will create a more harmonious and fluid brand design.


I want to use green within my personal brand as it is my favourite colour, but also due to the connotations to green being; fresh, new and organic. So I based a few colour pallets around these different tones and shades of green. Ultimately picking a deep forest green as I felt it gave the feeling and connotations to green – as I stated before – but the dark hue gave the design a richer intense look what I felt would stand out when used in business cards. Especially when I compared it to my peer’s ones. I choose to pair this with a bold contrasting Orange, soft greys and white.

Playing on the rich green and inspired by Designer luxury fashion houses – such as Louis Vuitton – monograms to try and infuse a sense of luxury and provincialism within my design itself.  I primarily played off of my initials ‘SS’ as they are the same I felt it would be highly likely and achievable to create a logo what have some harmonious continuity and flow throughout. Using primary Helvetica, to ack back to classic Swiss design style. All of this lead to the design’s you can see above. And a design I used for a few months as a placeholder for all of my social media accounts as well as this blog. However, I wasn’t content with this. And peers said that the design didn’t convey the feeling of a design account but more a fashion brand. As well as the fact that I was using green for another project within this year I did not want a majority of projects to be focused around a green colour scheme. I felt that the other project I am/was working on at the time used the green to greater effect and thus decided to change this for my next logo.

One that I shall talk about tomorrow…

Who is David Ogilvy (1911 – 1999)


Often referred to as the grandfather of advertising, David Ogilvy (CBE) was an Advertising Tycoon and founder of Ogilvy and Mather. The real-life Don Draper is well known for his striking ad campaigns as well as his book, entitled Ogilvy on Advertising. I have been reading this book for the last few weeks and have found it incredibly insightful and useful for my current VAU_GHN products – more stuff coming soon on this. When reading this book I have been annotating and thinking about how Ogilvy’s advice could be used for my assignment. The key points Ogilvy addresses within his book what I have picked up on so far are:


  • Understand your product
  • Understand your audience
  • Understand your market your selling too


Although this book was written 30+ years ago it’s still content is timeless and is still extremely useful today.

Landor Kellogg’s Re-Brand

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First of all, I would like to I’d like to say if anyone from Landor is reading this – 1) please employ me. and 2) this is just my personal opinion – I’m sure working for a mega-corporation like Kelloggs you don’t get the full creative control to reinvent the wheel, however…


A slight bit of background for anyone who isn’t aware – Kellogg  Europe is set to realize a redesign of its cereal boxes across, the largest in its 113-year history. Designed by the brand consulting firm Landor.

It could be argued that the new revamped look of the boxes offer a more modern look and feel to the brand. Downplaying former advert titans such Tony the Tiger, due to consumers of targeting sugary products towards children. With Kellogg pointing to internal research showing that nearly 70% of regular Kellogg’s consumers were better able to find the new packs on supermarket shelves. They also claim the new packs increased purchase intent by almost 50%. – according to the creative review.



I think these figures boil down to why I’m not overly keen on the redesign it feels too safe and tested. Yes, I’m aware that design is not art, in the sense that it’s not meant to convey expression and be about a self or subject. But is meant to sell, and has a defined purpose. However, I feel in this post-modern post-iPhone ‘seek design world’ we are currently in there a fine line between modern and boring. And in my personal opion, this is the latter. With waste negative space and flat colors not amounting to anything. With the Bold solitary colors only being able to work for a select few packages – leaving overs looking hard to look at when paired with the overly big logo (I’m looking at you Fruit and Fiber)

That’s another thing I would like to comment on the Logo itself how the overly large logo, perhaps a comment on how big the corporation is thus it does not care about harmony within a design, as it flops over messily onto the side of the box. Granted I’ve yet to see these design in-person (I’m more of a porridge man myself) and could not see a full rending online of the box – I imagine the premise of this idea was to make the person see this and would make them want to turn over making them notice some kind of message or information about the product. Next time I’m in Waitrose I shall look out for these and report back.

Another thing that bugs me if the lack of true fluidity within the packaging, as well as what I stated before that there is a lot of wasted space within the packaging. With some having a small patterned illustration and some having nothing at all. I feel as if they had carried the patterned idea across all products they could have made more dynamic product designs (especially if the patterns where textured or imposed) and high lighted the fact that their products aren’t just sugar by making the patterns out of the grains/natural ingredients what the products are made from. all while keeping these bold colors what helps sell products.  Finally removing the outline, what was seen on previous renditions of the logo. Was perhaps an oversite what Landor didn’t need to do, while making the packaging more sleek it forces them to change the color from red to white when it does not match the solid bold colour idea – and clashes with other colours


if you’d like to see more, I advise you to go to this post here by creative review where I first read up about the rebrand.

cheers for reading – should have another post up in a few days time on my own branding (feel free to leave hate comments if you work for Landor, it all helps the SEO)

First Post :^)



As this is my first blog post, I feel it’s only fitting to introduce myself and self you guys gain a little insight into who I am, what I’m doing (and going to be doing), and what i’m all about…


I’m Shaun, obviously, I’m a 21 year old student from just outside brighton. Studying Digital Media Design. I’m currently in my 3rd – and final year (WOO!) – I predominantly do graphic design work however have dabbled in UI and UX, Web Design, Animation and other interestings things. This year, after previous interested as well as watching a lot of Shark Tank and reading David Ogilvy book (Ogilvy on Advertising). I’m trying to do a lot more rebrand. So look out for a load of that on my Social as well as on here.


Outside of Uni, when i’m not wasting time in bed, I love to cook, what steamed a piece of work from last year entitled ‘Cupboard’ – what you can find on my Portfolio. Along with cooking, I also love clothing – even if my bank account doesn’t – this love has lead to me to opening my own Depop store where i’m currently within the top 3,000 sellers. I’m also working on Re-branding this for my current assignment at uni (updates on that coming very soon).


And that’s a brief little post about me, I’m going to be talking more about my likes and dislikes within the next weeks or so on this blog – however just want to introduce myself and not dive head first. Hope you stick around and enjoy what I have to share – i’ll try and make it as intriguing and readable as possible however writing isn’t really my strong suit…